It's been a while since I posted here last time... and my new post won't be about any recent trips... But this place is one of my all-time favorites... The place that never let me go, I stay there mentally or, more precisely, I come back there every time my mind is looking for balance and peace. Where endless rocky fields meet the ocean... where grass and other vegetation grows almost horizontally because of high winds that play with everything, including huge waves, leaving you literally breathless (that is right)... Welcome to my Newfoundland, the way I see it...

Дорогие мои читатели, сегодня я расскажу про (и покажу) вам потрясающую страну... Страна хоть и называется Ново-открытой, но на самом деле является самой первой, открытой англичанами в Северной Америке. Я, конечно же, про Ньюфаундленд. На самом деле, это провинция Канады, но она настолько отличается от всей Канады, что попадая туда, создаётся впечатление, что машина времени унесла тебя в старую Ирландию. В Ирландии я никогда не была, но вот представляется она мне именно такой... С неограниченными просторами, обрывами и.... я вам покажу позже :)  Если быть ещё более точной, то Ньюфаундленд - это остров, в самой восточной части не только Канады, но и всей Северной Америки.
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Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve. Colorado.

Originally, Great Sand Dunes were not on our Colorado list. But one day I was going through inspiring pictures of various World destinations and saw absolutely breath-taking photo. I decided that one day we have to go there. Since, that picture could have been taken anywhere in the World, I decided to find the place and it happened to be only 200 km (one way) from one of our Colorado "camps". We had to go! So, one day we packed our stuff and drove for 5 hours (round trip) to see that wonder of the world. We were not disappointed.

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Aspen. Colorado.

Our next Colorado destination was Aspen (and Snowmass). The plan was to spend 3 days here and to relax. Aspen is very European looking village and it is hard to believe sometimes that you are still in USA. It is also very busy and expensive. The place is very developed but local people and government still try very hard to preserve its natural environment.
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Grand Junction

After our spectacular drive through the clouds (see previous part), we arrived to Grand Junction. It was not raining anymore but it was a bit too late for anything but watching sunset and dinner. So, we said a quick hello to the town and went to bed. Our trip started the next morning....

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The road to Grand Junction

Grand Junction was not a our way what so ever. But we sort of missed it in our last trip to Utah/Colorado, so we felt like we should come back. And, to be completely honest, we fell in love with canyons so much that this trip would not be complete if we didn't visit our old friends canyons. So, we did :) But before we got there, we had absolutely amazing drive from Glenwood Springs to Grand Junction. The drive itself was so spectacular that we felt like extra 400km was totally worth it.
We left early in the morning and were very concerned about the weather. It was similar to the last year with hurricanes and tornadoes when Colorado was flooded.

2. We didn't take the highway but drove through the mountains instead. As we were driving south, the weather was getting better...

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16. It felt very cool I have to say! I have never seen or experienced anything similar in my life. Thank you, Colorado, for such a great and unique experience!

Colorado. Glenwood Springs

Glenwood Springs is on the way from Denver to Grand Junction. Small American town.
1. We arrived quite late but in the morning, when we opened a motel door, we were rewarded with such a beautiful view.

2. I cannot say that I fell in love with this town but the drive around it is just absolutely breathtaking.

Google showed a beautiful Hanging Lake as a local attraction and we thought we would give it a try...

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8. Back to the town...

9.Glenwood Spring

Colorado. Drive from Estes Park to Glenwood Spring

LJ didn't allow me to continue with pictures in my previous post, so I had to write a separate one to finish Estes Park part... Here we go...
1. Continue on Rd 34... Right into the sky...

2. Forest Canyon Overlook. VERY windy. But the sky is amazing.
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11. I call it "conversation with God"

12. We are leaving a mountain part of Colorado and get closer to the canyons...


I have a lot of photos in my archives that haven't been posted... Just never got to it. But some of them must be seen I think. Like this wedding. It was so full of love, fun and joy that I can still feel it. Vera is beautiful, smart, easy-going, and funny (quite a rare combination for woman ;) ). Dylan is handsome and quick-witted (I would say more about Dylan if I knew him as long as I know Vera :) ). Great couple! And their love just doubled ;)
Love you, guys!

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